A Rich History and Unmatched Quality

Discover the rich history of fish and chips, a culinary delight that originated in the 1500s when Jewish refugees introduced deep-fried fish to Britain. In 1860, Joseph Malin opened the first fish & chip shop in Oldham, Manchester, marking the beginning of a beloved tradition. Over time, fish n chips became a staple food for the working class, spreading from Britain to Scotland, Ireland, and eventually making their way to the United States.

The Finest Ingredients and Craftsmanship

At South Kona Grindz, we take pride in serving the finest fish and chips in Kona, paying homage to the tradition while infusing our own unique flair. We carefully select the freshest local ingredients found in the bountiful waters of Hawaii. Our signature recipe showcases the flavors of the island, using fish like Ono (Wahoo), Mahimahi (Dorado), A'u (Spearfish), or Ahi (Tuna) when Ono is not available. This commitment to quality ensures that every bite of our fish & chips is a true culinary delight.

Perfecting the Art of Fish n Chips

Crafting the perfect fish & chips is an art that requires precision and expertise. At South Kona Grindz, we have perfected this classic dish to offer a truly exceptional culinary experience. Our fish is delicately coated in a batter made from a blend resulting in a crispy and golden exterior that encases tender, flavorful fish. Our chips are expertly prepared, featuring a thinner cut that offers a delightful crunch on the outside and a perfect interior. Accompanying our fish & chips is a wedge of lemon, as well as a choice of malt vinegar, tartar sauce, or our house special Aktion sauce, enhancing the flavors and providing the perfect finishing touch.

The Best Fish & Chips in Kona

South Kona Grindz has earned the prestigious title of "BEST Fish n Chips" in Kona. Since our establishment in 2009 by Belle Anderson, we have become renowned for our exceptional rendition of this classic dish. Our unique recipe, crafted with locally sourced ingredients, sets us apart from the rest. Belle's dedication to using only the freshest fish available, such as Ono (Wahoo) and other local varieties, ensures that our fish and chips surpass all expectations. Served with authentic Hawaii island-style sides and sauces, it is a true culinary masterpiece.

Top-rated fish and chips for the 6th year in a row at Keoki’s South Kona Grindz Ono Fish And Chips in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

Experience the Unforgettable Flavors at South Kona Grindz

Indulge in the award-winning fish and chips at South Kona Grindz, where the traditions of the past meet the flavors of Hawaii. Each bite is a testament to our commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and an unwavering passion for culinary excellence. Visit us today and savor the best food in Kona, prepared with love and served with genuine aloha spirit.